Nome Completo / Full Name
Sérgio Miguel Cardoso Nascimento

Gabinete / Office, Departamento de Física, Campus de Gualtar

Telefone / Phone
253 604 328 / 604 060

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Categoria / Category
Professor Associado com Agregação/ Associated Professor with Habilitation

Indicador / Researcher indicator
Orcid: 0000-0002-2503-9003

Página pessoal / personal page

Palavras chave / Keywords
Colorimetry /colour vision/spectral imaging

Currículo Resumido / Short resume

Sérgio Nascimento graduated in Physics and has a PhD in Colour Science. Teaches courses in Physics, Optics and Vision Sciences at Minho University. His research interests are colorimetry and colour vision, in particular, applications of multi and hiperspectral imaging, colour constancy and colour rendering, colour in art and models of colour vision. He is topic editor of the Journal of the Optical Society of America A and director of the International Colour Vision Society (ICVS).