Nome Completo / Full Name
Pedro Libânio de Abreu Martins

Gabinete / Office
1.60, Departamento de Física, Campus de Gualtar

Telefone / Phone
253 604 074

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Categoria / Category
 Investigador Auxiliar

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Página pessoal / personal page

Palavras chave / Keywords
 Magnetoelectric; multiferroic; magnetic; polymer-based materials; printing technologies; additive manufacturing; piezoelectric; smart materials; electroactive

Currículo Resumido / Short resume

Pedro Martins graduated in Physics and Chemistry in 2006 and received the PhD degree in Physics in 2012, from the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal in collaboration with Basque Country University, Spain and Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

He is now a Post-Doc researcher in the Physics Center of the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal and his work is focused on polymer-based magnetoelectric materials, electroactive polymers and multifunctional inks for advanced technological applications. He collaborates with the Basque Country University, Spain; Wollongong University, Australia and Cambridge University, United Kingdom, among others.

He has over 90 papers in in high ranked journals (70 in the last five years, 10 as senior author, 30 as submitting author and 40 as first author), such as Nature Communications, Progress in Polymer Science, Nature Protocols, Advanced Functional Materials, Nanoscale, ChemSusChem, Applied Materials and Interfaces, among others, h-index of 25, 1500 citations,  and 12 invited talks in international events.

In some areas, such as the investigations on the nucleation of the electroactive phase of the piezoelectric polymer poly(vinylidene fluoride) and co-polymers, the area of polymer based magnetoelectric materials or the area of electroactive materials for tissue engineering, Pedro Martins is a reference and among the most cited and influential, supporting the development of novel research lines. High impact is being also obtained in the area of printed materials for technological applications. Thus, several topical reviews have been published in several of those areas. Additionally, he is internationally recognized in the field of magnetoelectric and piezoelectric materials, notably leading advances in their sensor and biomedical applications, and is clearly an emerging leader who is critical for building international research collaborations and networks in the future.

He has over 5 books chapters in his different areas of activity and co-editor of the first book on Polymer Based Magnetoelectric Materials (Wiley). More than 10 students have obtained the degree under his supervision, including PhD (5), master (7) and undergraduate degrees (5). The technologies developed in the group where he’s working rise to 9 patents and three spin-of companies, Somática M&S, Acutus and NanoPaint, in the areas of sensors, materials and equipment’s and active inks for active materials printing, respectively. On 2017 was invited to join the Scientific Advisory Board (as a project evaluator) of the National Scientific Projects Evaluation, Czech Science Foundation, Czech Republic and The National Agency for Scientific and Technical Promotion (ANPCyT) of the Argentine Republic.