Nome Completo / Full Name
João Manuel Borregana Lopes dos Santos

Gabinete / Office
FC3-320 - FEUP

Telefone / Phone
22 0402 318

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Categoria / Category
Professor Catedrático / Full Professor

Indicador / Researcher indicator
Orcid: 0000-0002-9663-8441

Página pessoal / personal page

Palavras chave / Keywords
Condensed Matter Theory; 2D materials; Non-linear Optics

Currículo Resumido / Short resume

João Lopes dos Santos is a graduate of the University of Porto. Obtained DIC in Mathematical Physics and PhD in Physics (Condensed Matter Theory) in 1983 at Imperial College.
After a Post-Doc at Rutgers University returned to Porto in 1985. Visiting Scholar at Boston University and National University of Singapore on various occasion between 2004 and 2012.
Participant in two FCT projects, an ongoing ERA-NET (associated with Graphene flagship), and PI of ongoing Project on Non-linear Optical Properties od Layered Materials . Has an interest in Physics education and coordinated Project Faraday of Gulbenkian Foundation ( Is a founding member of CFP.